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Organize your closets and maximize your storage space with Belt Rack Closet Organizer

Versatile design allows use for many different items such as chains, scarves, necklaces, ties and other accessories  Click Here for more details.   By Manuel Torres This is a great Belt Rack! I looked for at least an hour on-line for something that accommodates all types of belts to hang and this was the ONLY one I could find. However, it's also EXACTLY what I was looking for. You have to get creative with it, but it will definitely work. I lack space in my closet so this was exactly what I needed to meet my needs. Now ALL my belts (and I have several different styles and sizes) hang nicely. Price I feel is worth the buy, shipped in an EXTREMELY timely manner! Great product, Great buy! ...

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Space-Saving Compact Belt Rack Organizer With Customer Review

Compact belt rack organizer takes up very little space in your closet & adds no unnecessary bulk rounded hooks prevent snags & belts easily accessible   https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MO29VCA/ref=s9_acsd_al_bw_c_x_3_w   Customer Review By John P. Kyle Perfect for what I needed. It has adequate holders to store my belts compactly. The patent holder should be sipping Margaritas on South Beach. The rack requires some elevation so that belts don't hit the floor, but with my closet scheme that situation presented no problem. Although inexpensive, the rack doesn't look cheap, particularly since when loaded, one sees primarily belts. JPK ...

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Find the largest offer in Belt and Tie Racks with Customer Reviews

By N. Barker The tie rack and belt holder ship in a nice little bag. I like the tie rack. It holds them in place and makes it easy to keep my ties organized. The hanger part pivots so you can spin it to get a better view of the ties. Pivots flat for travel. The belt holder is pretty nice too, I used to just hang belts on the head of the hanger, but this is far more convenient and holds all sorts of belts. I received a discounted unit in exchange for my review. The Tie Rack and Belt Rack is a perfect solution for any clothing visit here for more details. ...

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