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Aristocrat Homewares Has the Grill Set You Need for International Picnic Day   Aristocrat Homewares media@aristocrathomewares.com   Taking in a scenic landscape with an interesting view with an accompanying meal of finger foods, fresh fruit, salads, chilled wine or soft drinks is what a picnic is all about. The quintessential summer time activity, the picnic, is celebrated on June 18th, International Picnic Day. Whether in a park or in the backyard, a picnic can be enhanced with items off the grill like hot dogs, hamburgers or fresh catch of the day. Aristocrat Homewares (www.aristocrathomewares.com) can make it easier with the 6 piece BBQ Tool Set.  For a limited time, buyers will receive a 25% discount on their purchase of the complete 6 piece BBQ Tool Set with Case. The BBQ Tool Set includes a stainless steel...

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GET READY FOR NATIONAL CORN ON THE COB DAY ON JUNE 11 With Aristocrat Housewares Premium Grill Set – a Perfect Gift

June 11th, is National Corn on the Cob day. The day is meant to celebrate the premiere food of summer barbeques – the ear of corn. The perfect way to eat those ears is more than row by row complete with dripping butter, salt and paprika. It's by holding them with the decorative and useful corn cob holders from the new Complete Premium 21 piece Grill Set by Aristocrat Homewares (www.aristocrathomewares.com). For a limited time, buyers who purchase the set will receive a 25% discount for use on their purchase of the complete Premium 21 piece Grill Set with case.   Best eaten while hot, corn on the cob can be grilled, roasted or boiled. Described by etiquette aficionados as the most difficult food to eat gracefully, many diners prefer the use of...

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Celebrate June Soul Food Month with a special offer from Aristocrat Homewares – 25% off their 21 pce BBQ Grill Set

What is Soul Food Month?  The month of June has been selected by the Culinary Historians of Chicago, a city famous for its comfort food establishments to celebrate the African-American culinary heritage.  This is a heritage which is rich, enticing and delicious and just needs to be celebrated.   The term ‘soul food’ came into wide use in the 1960s.  It started out as a ‘pretty’ name for dishes which utilized poor man’s ingredients, like unusual and less popular cuts of meat or unpopular vegetables, basically the cheapest of both meat and vegetables that money could buy.   However, the inimitable African-American culinary art and knack for turning these unappealing and unpopular scraps into mouth-watering hearty meals soon transformed American’s view of soul food.   Once, just a euphemism, the term ‘soul food’ is now an...

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BBQ Grill Tools Set with 21 Barbecue Accessories with Aluminium Case; Customer Reviews

By 🍀🍀 GREEN IRISH EYES 🍀🍀 This review is from: COMPLETE PREMIUM 21 pce GRILL SET with CASE from Aristocrat Homewares - Includes Meat Thermometer and Meat Injector Set- Nothing else to buy! This is a very nice three-piece stainless steel barbecue set which consists of a spatula, tongs, and a long fork. **When going to review it brings up this 3 piece set however the photo shows a much larger set. Once I opened these and inspected each piece I didn't notice any problems what so ever with its durability and it's stability. The handles are tight and secure -nothing is loose. The handles are easy to grip hold, and they have a nice hole at the end if you'd like to hang these on a hook. ** please note**in pictures I used my...

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Aristocrat Homewares – Complete Premium 21 pc BBQ Grill Set With Case-an Ideal XmasGift

There is someone in your life who absolutely is the life of every party or picnic. They have a method with the grill, a special panache or touch that makes whatever they prepare a masterful artwork. Everybody you know groups to their home throughout holidays like the Fourth of July or Labor Day to get a taste of their scrumptious food. For that individual, they are commonly doing not have a couple of essential tools that make grilling a wind, yet with this set, you can give them definitely whatever they require for every single bbq without them ever before requiring an additional single point. If you are looking for an ideal gift for the grill master in your life, look no more than the Aristocrat Homewares - Complete Premium...

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