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Ease off, relax, and stop to take a breath, Relaxation Day is all about laying back and taking it easy. If you are lucky enough to not have to work, relish a quiet morning enjoying some TV or a good book, or maybe a little gardening.


With the active lives most of us have today it is not difficult to not think about taking a sometime to step back and enjoying some ‘me time’.


August 15 has been proclaimed Relaxation Day to highlight to all that, for your own good, as well as the good of your family, you have to relax. Not everybody will be able to sit back on Relaxation Day, but that is not essential. What is important is to remember that you HAVE TO stop and relax every so often to recharge those vital batteries.


bqq grill outdoor


A great way to take it easy either on August 15 or maybe on the weekend is to have a barbecue with friends. An informal meal, with family is always a great relaxer. The bbq can be as easy as you want to have it – just a hamburger on the grill – or you can have a more fancier feast. However, remember, you are supposed to be taking it easy, so the simpler the better for this relaxing day or weekend.


To make it simpler to relax with family and friends at your bbq, Aristocrat Homewares are giving you a special price on their 21 piece Complete Premium BBQ Grill Set. This grill set has everything you will want to make your cooking simpler. This bbq set has the essentials for a simple bbq, plus the extra tools you may want later for a more exotic bbq. The Aristocrat Homewares 21pce Grill Set has the essential tools of tongs, large knife, large fork, a great spatula that not only flips but cuts AND has a bottle opener, 4 kebab sticks, 8 corn holders, basting brush, grill cleaner PLUS a meat thermometer and a meat injector set to create those wonderful flavors. All these tools come in an easy to store aluminum case.


Aristocrat Homewares is a small family company offering quality products. The Complete 21 pce BBQ Grill Set is available only on Amazon




For Your 40% Discount off our current price use the code RELAXDAY at the checkout. This offer is valid until August 17 – so be quick as limited stocks are available at this discount.

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